Erotic novel ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 1.

Woman watching couple having sexMy first erotic novel I read when I was thirteen. I found Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan in my parents’ bedroom. I read it from time to time, part by part. And every time my panties got wet. With that book I learned to masturbate. My first awkward attempts soon became more confident and eventually I examined my body so well that I could make myself cum in just few minutes. This skill was useful when I heard someone was coming.

Now I’m 28 and I happily married. I’ve read a lot of other erotic novel since I was 13. But Emmanuelly forever becomes my favourite one. I watched movie based on that erotic novel and I’ve read the book few more times. The images from the book are still in my head and still make me wet every time I think of them. Continue reading “Erotic novel ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 1.”