The perfect first time of a young virgin

The perfect first time of a young virgin. Young virgin's panties

Jennifer lay on the lawn in a city park. The warm rays of the sun gently touched her soft skin. She lay on her belly carelessly waving her legs in the air and breathing freshly cut grass. It was a wonderful spring day. There were a lot of moms and nannies playing with children, dog-owners throwing sticks to their pets, a painter at the lake depicting on his canvas the beauty of the awakening nature, a group of young boys, whose laugh could be heard all over the park. And there was a man, a very handsome man, sitting on the bench few meters away from Jenny right in front of her eyes.

He was reading a newspaper with a very smart and serious look. He wore a perfectly pressed suit with a tie and a blinding white shirt and looked like a men’s magazine cover model. But his straight face belied his “real-lifeness”. He looked like a man in his early 30s, way too old for her. Though Jenny noticed him staring at her occasionaly from behind his newspaper. Continue reading “The perfect first time of a young virgin”