Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

Group sex erotic storyErotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

He came to me very slowly. In his eyes I saw something new, something I’ve never seen before. Desire so strong, that you can’t resist it. He didn’t pet me, didn’t say anything, he just grabbed my legs and spread them apart, and then penetrated me with his erected cock. Jessica sat beside me, petting my tits under my dress and smiling. My nipples were stiff and hard. They stuck through my dress. All this wasn’t in our plan, but I didn’t care anymore. I wouldn’t care if everyone in the room fucked me in turn. It was so exciting, everything seemed unreal to me. Like all this wasn’t happening to me, like I actually was a 13-year old girl reading a book in my parents’ bedroom. Continue reading “Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.”