One of my sex stories

New York's subway sex storiesSince it is a page for sharing short sex stories, I’m gonna tell you mine. Though there is not much sex in it, but it’s quite short:-)

This story happened to me last summer. I was going to work. I’m a waitress at a coffee house. The train was crowded as usually at a rush hour. It was a hot summer day. I wore a thin blue dress. I must say that I’m a quite pretty girl, and I try to keep fit. So, I often notice men checking me out, but that day it was different.

That day I felt someone’s hand on my ass. I didn’t understand at once that it was a hand. At first I just thought that it was a purse or a bag or any other inanimate object. But when it actually grabbed my butt, I squeled and turned my head towards the disturber. I don’t know whom I expected to see there, but the man I saw amazed me a lot. Continue reading “One of my sex stories”