Sex with a sleeping beauty

Young sexy girl sleeping on a couchIt was a warm city night. So, I went for a walk to clear my head after a fight with my fioncee. I turned the corner and I saw a group of women walking out of the bar. They were talking and laughing loudly, it was hard not to notice them. As I was approaching some of them said goodbye to their friend, caught a taxi and left. Their friend, a long-haired brunette, turned to me and I realised that it was Sara, the only woman I’ve ever loved. She dumped me eight years ago, but I never managed to completely forget her. Her face came up in my head from time to time and I was wondering where was she and what she was doing at the moment.

Meanwhile Sara headed in my direction. She was looking for something in her purse, so she didn’t notice me. I called her. She stumbled and I caught her.

“Billy! Hi! What a surprize!” she said smiling. Continue reading “Sex with a sleeping beauty”