A tale of a thousand and one nights

Eastern beauty posingThe sultan came out of his bedroom frustrated.

– Take her away – he said to the guard on duty.

The guard went to the bedroom and dragged out naked young girl. That night she was executed. It’s been happening for months already. Every night sultan Schahriar took a new girl for his carnal interludes and every night he was dissatisfied with her and the girl was put to death.

People whispered among each other that soon there would be no girls left in the kingdom. But no one took any measure to preserve their daughters. Until beautiful Scheherazade, daughter of the grand vizier, expressed a wish to become a sultan’s new wife. Her father tried to talk her out of such a desperate act. But Scheherazade was firm in her intention.

When the sultan saw Scheherazade, he was struck by her beauty and sexiness. Though remembering his previous experience, he didn’t expect much from her. He examined her body and satisfied with what he saw sent her to get ready for the night. Continue reading “A tale of a thousand and one nights”