My step-mother and her big boobs

Polish model Vanessa reveals her big boobsMy dad got married for the second time, when I was 13. His new wife was ok, but she wasn’t and could never be my mother. The main reason for that were two heavy big boobs hanging down at her slim body. A 13-year-old boy just shouldn’t look at his mother the way I looked at these huge soft melons, which gripped my eyes like a spell every time I saw them. Now, from my experience, I can say that her bra size was something close to H, but at that time I just knew that they were huge and strongly attractive.

When they got married and my step “mom” moved into our house, my dad noticed that I began to spend more time in my room than ever before. Once I heard him talking to Claire, his new wife:

– Maybe, you two should spend some time together, so he could get used to you? I really want you to get along.

My dad couldn’t even imagine that the reason why I kept staying in my room all day long after the school were his wife’s Continue reading “My step-mother and her big boobs”

My new neighbor voyeur story

My new neighbor voyeur story: Girl shows her pussy to window voyeuristsAt the beginning I’d like to say that I’m not some kind of voyeur freak and this is the first voyeur story that ever happened to me.

I stood at the window trying to figure out what has changed. The view obviously looked different, but why? And then I saw her. Tender and graceful like a panther she slided around the room. That was it, that’s what has changed! Someone has moved to the apartment right across the street and the always dark window lighted up.

I couldn’t distinguish her face, but she looked young and was very energetic. Like a little bee she was flying around the room rearranging the furniture, moving boxes and cleaning up. I went to the kitchen, took a bottle of beer from the fridge, came back to the room and made myself comfortable in the chair at the window.

I’ve been watching her for a couple of hours when finally she fell on the bed exhausted. She just lay there and didn’t move. I thought she’d got asleep and I was going to get back to work when suddenly Continue reading “My new neighbor voyeur story”