FFM Sex. True Friendship

Two girls and a man having FFM sexFFM Sex. True Friendship.

The cab stopped by a lovely brick house. Samantha paid the driver, got out of the car and walked along the paved path leading to the front porch. She got up the stairs and rang the bell. It was a gray rainy autumn day, so she shivered with cold while waiting the door to open. She was in a black tight fitting dress and a coat. High-heeled leather boots completed her appearance. Samantha was a lovely mature woman of 42. She had long dark curly hair, big brown eyes with small wrinkles under them, pretty plump lips and a gorgeous body. She was beautiful and she knew that. And so did everyone else.

‘Hi, Sam! Come in. The weather is awful today’

The door finally opened and a 40-something red-head woman stepped aside letting Sam in. It was her friend Jackie. They knew each other since they were 5. They were pretty much like sisters.

Sam came into the house and gave her friend the bottle of wine.

‘Here. I’ve been told that it’s a good one’ Continue reading “FFM Sex. True Friendship”

Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

Group sex erotic storyErotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

He came to me very slowly. In his eyes I saw something new, something I’ve never seen before. Desire so strong, that you can’t resist it. He didn’t pet me, didn’t say anything, he just grabbed my legs and spread them apart, and then penetrated me with his erected cock. Jessica sat beside me, petting my tits under my dress and smiling. My nipples were stiff and hard. They stuck through my dress. All this wasn’t in our plan, but I didn’t care anymore. I wouldn’t care if everyone in the room fucked me in turn. It was so exciting, everything seemed unreal to me. Like all this wasn’t happening to me, like I actually was a 13-year old girl reading a book in my parents’ bedroom. Continue reading “Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.”

Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day

Married couple fucking with an escort girl Want to diversify your sexual relationships? Just invite an Escort Girl for a Valentaine’s Day!

We had been married for 10 years when we both started feeling like we need to shake up our sexual life. My husband was the one who initiated the conversation about inviting to our bed someone else. Since he was very jealous, the assumption that the third person could be a man, was out of the question. But I also wasn’t ready to share my husband with another woman. So I agreed to have FFM sex on condition that I’m the only one who my husband was going to fuck. The other woman was allowed to be watched but not touched. Continue reading “Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day”