My husband humiliation

Husband humiliatiion by a wife fucked hard by three black studsLet me tell you a story of my husband humiliation.  You’ll love it.

I can’t stand my husband. This spinless piece of shit. I married him when I owed some big money to some bad people. He had money and I had to save my life. Though I’m not sure that I had saved it. It’s a hell living with this miserable and pale imitation of a man.

Last week I woke up and decided that I’d had enough. I watched some husband humiliation porn videos and realised that I needed to teach my husband a lesson. I called my friend Ted whom I occasionally fuck and asked him to came to my house. Then I called my husband at work and asked him to come back home. I told him it was an emergency. I knew that he wouldn’t ask any questions and would come back home at once. And so he did.

He came into our bedroom at the very same time as I lay down with my legs Continue reading “My husband humiliation”