Fucked by a goddess

Naked girl with her hands handcuffed behind her backShe holds my arms behind my back. I’m standing naked, face to the wall. My clothes are on the chair, accurately folded. She doesn’t like mess. Everything should be on place. My place now is next to a switchable glass partition wall with dozens of people behind it. They all do their routine work while I’m standing here naked. Face to the wall.

She’s a partner at a well-known law firm. She’s my boss. I’ve been working for her for three years. We’re at her office. She has a bad day, she argued with her partners in the morning. On her bad days she asks me to come in and switches the glass at her office. Then she asks me to take off my clothes and to stand face to the wall. She restrains my hands with plastic Continue reading “Fucked by a goddess”