My step-mother and her big boobs

Polish model Vanessa reveals her big boobsMy dad got married for the second time, when I was 13. His new wife was ok, but she wasn’t and could never be my mother. The main reason for that were two heavy big boobs hanging down at her slim body. A 13-year-old boy just shouldn’t look at his mother the way I looked at these huge soft melons, which gripped my eyes like a spell every time I saw them. Now, from my experience, I can say that her bra size was something close to H, but at that time I just knew that they were huge and strongly attractive.

When they got married and my step “mom” moved into our house, my dad noticed that I began to spend more time in my room than ever before. Once I heard him talking to Claire, his new wife:

– Maybe, you two should spend some time together, so he could get used to you? I really want you to get along.

My dad couldn’t even imagine that the reason why I kept staying in my room all day long after the school were his wife’s gorgeous big boobs. Since she moved in I masturbated twice as much as I did before. I dreamed of her coming into my room, getting on her knees in front of me, revealing her tits and doing a tit job for me.

My dad couldn’t even imagine that the reason why I kept staying in my room all day long after the school were his wife’s gorgeous big boobs.

So, every time she approached to chat and tried to build mother/son relationships I gazed at her boobs and had to leave the room immediately to get rid of all this tension, if you know what I mean.

I took some photos of Claire wearing bikini from a family photo album. It was their honey moon. I was going to use them for a while and then put them back but one day I wasn’t careful enough and I messed one of them up with my sperm. I tried to wipe it off but few drop marks left and I decided just to keep the photo. It was my lucky charm, I always had it with me. By the age of 15 it was all worn-out, but I still kept it in my pocket.

One day, I took it and gently spread it on my desk like I always did. I unzipped my pants, got out my cock and started masturbating, when I heard Claire knocking at my door. It was an extraordinary combination of circumstances. First I didn’t lock my door. Second Claire got back from work earlier than she always did. And third: always polite and tactful Claire this time didn’t wait for my response and opened the door at once. And there was I, rubbing my cock and watching her wearing bikini at the photo. Though it only took a moment for her to came into my room, look at me, and rush out with apologies, I knew she saw the photo. For she froze for a split second looking at my desk.

I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do. I mean it would be to some point ok if she just saw me masturbating. But masturbating on her photo, that’s just wasn’t right. I remember I thought that I’d never walk out of my room again. I couldn’t look in Claire’s eyes, I couldn’t look in my father’s eyes either.

My step-mother and her big boobs

–  Will she tell him? – I kept asking myself this question walking around my room when I heard a knocking again. It was a quiet apologetic and careful knocking. I didn’t answer. She knocked few more times.

– Go away – I shouted to her.

– Mike, honey, please let me in. I think we need to talk.

– I don’t want to talk, go away.

And then she did it again! She just came into my room! I was so shocked when she did it for the first time that I didn’t even lock the door. I looked at her amazed.

– I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I really need to talk to you. I think the only way to overcome this awkward situation, – and she looked at the photo, which was still at my desk,- is to follow through it. It’s ok, there’s nothing wrong here. And we won’t do anything wrong.

And she began to unbutton her blouse.

– I know what you’ve been craving for. You want them. I will let you watch them while you masturbate. And we will be done with it. You can keep the photo, if you want.

She unbuckled her bra and her huge massive udders just fell one by one out of her lingerie. I felt my jaw falling down to the floor. I couldn’t say a word, I couldn’t move. She came to the door and locked it.

– Just in case – she smiled.

Then she propped up against the door and put her hands behind her back.

– So, this is it, this is what you dreamed about, isn’t it? You won’t get more, so you may start now, if you please.

I quickly decided that I ought to seize the moment, no matter the consequences.

I still just stood there at my table and couldn’t say a word. Though I felt some movement in my pants, some notable movement which I couldn’t ignore. And my hand, it was just living its life, I think I didn’t control it. So it just reached into my pants and started polishing my dick, which seemed to be in coalition with my hand against the remains of my self-respect and decency. I didn’t look in Claire’s eyes, I looked solely at her perfect tits. It was the most wonderful view ever. I quickly decided that I ought to seize the moment, no matter the consequences. Then I felt like it wasn’t real, just like one of that dreams, which had been making my pants wet in the morning for the last two years. I raised my hand towards Claire’s breast.

– No, no touching. You can only watch.

Seeing my disappointment she read my mind and started petting her big boobs and squeezing her nipples gently. She spread them apart and then brought them together, one above another, she raised them up and dropped them down, she moved her arms between them and tied her hands and her boobs into some weird knot. She juggled them like a skilful magician in front of my eyes and I felt that I was close to the end. I unbuckled the belt and my pants fell down to my knees. I grabbed some wipes from my desk and ejaculated on them. But I flinched just a bit and few drops appeared right on Claire’s belly just an inch down from her nipples. I froze looking them slowly going down her belly.

– That’s ok. Don’t worry.

She came closer and took some wipes and wiped my sperm off her body. Then she put on her bra and blouse and opened the door.

– The only reason I did this is because I love your father very much and your father loves you. I hope this will be our secret. Come down for dinner tonight nice and promptly.

She reached me and kissed me on the cheek and then got out of my room. And I spent the rest of the day trying to recall and keep in my memory every detail of this the most wonderful day in my life.

I’m married now and my beautiful wife has awesome all natural G-size big boobs.

At 8 p.m., when my father came home from work, I got down for dinner. Nice and promptly. Everyone was calm and cheerful that evening. We never discussed with Claire that day. Sometimes I doubt that she even remembers it, for she always acts at ease and without a second thought. But as for me I will never forget what my wonderful step-mother did for me.

I’m married now and my beautiful wife has awesome all natural G-size big boobs.

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