Sex with a sleeping beauty

Young sexy girl sleeping on a couchIt was a warm city night. So, I went for a walk to clear my head after a fight with my fioncee. I turned the corner and I saw a group of women walking out of the bar. They were talking and laughing loudly, it was hard not to notice them. As I was approaching some of them said goodbye to their friend, caught a taxi and left. Their friend, a long-haired brunette, turned to me and I realised that it was Sara, the only woman I’ve ever loved. She dumped me eight years ago, but I never managed to completely forget her. Her face came up in my head from time to time and I was wondering where was she and what she was doing at the moment.

Meanwhile Sara headed in my direction. She was looking for something in her purse, so she didn’t notice me. I called her. She stumbled and I caught her.

“Billy! Hi! What a surprize!” she said smiling.

“Long time no see”

“Yeah! How are you?”

We exchanged a few words, but then an awkward silence came up. You know, when you haven’t seen someone for so long you never know what to talk about. But I just couldn’t let her go, so I suggested we could have a drink and we went to some cosy place few blocks away.

The conversation still was very intense, but after few drinks I got more confident and we spoke like we’d never been apart. Sara told me that she had made a good career and had travelled a lot these years. And I told her about my life omitting that fact that I was going to marry soon.

“So are you dating anyone?” Sara looked in my eyes.

“NO” I shouted at once.

It was bad, very bad. But I was so angry with my girlfriend and obviously still so in love with Sara, that at that moment it seemed the right thing to do.


“No, I mean nothing serious”

So, there is someone she doesn’t want to tell me about. I felt a wave of jealousy coming up. We ordered more drinks.  At about 2 p.m. Sara invited me to her place to watch the video from her travelling.  I accepted the invitation at once. She lived not far, so in about 20 minutes she opened the door to her apartment and let me in.

“Nice place you have here”  I sat on the couch watching Sara trying to get rid of her high heels. She was obviously quite drunk.

“Sorry. I just need to take them off, my legs are burning”

Finally she managed to unzip her shoes and one by one they flew into the corner.

“So, wine?” – Sara smiled. I was quite sure that we both had had enough alkohol today, but I didn’t want the party to end.

“Yup” – I nodded.

Sara went to the kitchen to bring us wine and I made myself comfortable studying her apartment. It was rather big and spacious, and due to the big windows I’d say it was very light at daytime. There wasn’t any excess stuff, she didn’t like to collect unnecessary things, we had it in common.

I slowly went back to the kitchen and put the bottle and glasses on the counter. There was a plan hatching in my head.

“Billy, I think I need your help”

I got up and headed to the kitchen. Sara was wrestling with a bottle and a corkscrew. She handed them to me.

“Would you, please? I think I need to lay down.” And she went to a sitting room and fell on the couch.

I opened the bottle, took two glasses from the counter and went to Sara. But I froze when I saw her. Sara was sleeping on a couch with her dress pulled up revealing her pretty long legs. I bent and I saw a black tantalizing strip of her panties.

Sleeping girl's sexy ass revealedI slowly went back to the kitchen and put the bottle and glasses on the counter. There was a plan hatching in my head. I came back to the sitting room and tried to wake Sara up. But she just mumbled something I couldn’t make out and passed out.I stood few more moments over her, then I took her hair off her face and then I reflexively started stroking my cock through the pants. My other hand reached her boobs. I revealed them from her black dress and a tight bra. Very slowly and carefully. Sara didn’t wake up. I pulled her dress up even more, so I wouldn’t have to bent to see her panties. Then I sat in a chair in front of her and unzipped my pants.

My cock was hard and wanted out. I started masturbating. The possibility of getting caught turned me on. Very soon I realized that I needed more. I got up with my cock sticking out from my pants, came closer to her and after few seconds of hesitation scarcely squeezed her boobs.

I regretted I didn’t make a video of this sleeping sex act, but still I’ll remember it all my life.

Nothing happend. Sara was still sleeping heavily. It made me feel confident, so I sat close to her on a couch, took her hand and wrapped it around my cock. Then I spread her legs wider and pulled the tiny strip of her panties aside. She moved, but didn’t wake up. I bent down to her sweet pink pussy and smelled it. I missed that smell so much. It was divine. I breathed it again and again, my nose was touching her clitor. I began to kiss it while rubbing my cock with Sara’s hand.

Then my head struck an idea. “I need to cum on her face!” The thought of cumming to my sleeping ex-girlfriend’s face thrilled and excited me even more. I stood close to her face, my cock was almost touching her mouth. I could feel her breath on it. That was crazy. But the moment I was ready to cum I scared that she might wake up and directed my penis to her chest. Jet of my warm sperm hit her body. It ran into a chasm between her boobs and then down her chest to her neck and hair.

I rushed to the kitchen for paper towels and gently wiped it. Then I got my phone and took a picture of her. I needed something to recall this night again and again. When everything was done I dressed her properly, took a blanket from the chair, covered her up and went home to my fioncee. On me way home I stopped few times to look at the photo I made, just to make sure all this really happened to me. I regretted I didn’t make a video of this sleeping sex act, but still I’remember it all my life.

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