One of my sex stories

New York's subway sex storiesSince it is a page for sharing short sex stories, I’m gonna tell you mine. Though there is not much sex in it, but it’s quite short:-)

This story happened to me last summer. I was going to work. I’m a waitress at a coffee house. The train was crowded as usually at a rush hour. It was a hot summer day. I wore a thin blue dress. I must say that I’m a quite pretty girl, and I try to keep fit. So, I often notice men checking me out, but that day it was different.

That day I felt someone’s hand on my ass. I didn’t understand at once that it was a hand. At first I just thought that it was a purse or a bag or any other inanimate object. But when it actually grabbed my butt, I squeled and turned my head towards the disturber. I don’t know whom I expected to see there, but the man I saw amazed me a lot. There stood a man, a handsome man, with nice face features, a few days stubble and a gorgeous hair. And moreover in his left hand he was holding a book behind my shoulder and it seemed that he was reading. I mean nothing in his face gave him away. I was completely sure that it was his hand on my butt, but I just turned my head back and stood quietly. He must have taken it as a permission to continue, so he put his hand round my waist and drew me to himself. Then he tried to reach my clit with his fingers. I remember I feared that he would feel how big it was (my clit gets very-very big, when I’m excited). I was feeling his breath on my neck. His hand was again on my ass. He pulled up my dress and tried to get into my panties. At that moment the speaker announced the next station. I turned my head and said:

– It’s mine.

He took off his hand adjusted my dress and said:

– It’s a shame.

I moved towards the doors, the next station I got off the train and didn’t look back. That night I had a wild sex with my boyfriend.

This is just one of my sex stories. If you like it, I’m gonna tell you more:-)

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