Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day

Married couple fucking with an escort girl Want to diversify your sexual relationships? Just invite an Escort Girl for a Valentaine’s Day!

We had been married for 10 years when we both started feeling like we need to shake up our sexual life. My husband was the one who initiated the conversation about inviting to our bed someone else. Since he was very jealous, the assumption that the third person could be a man, was out of the question. But I also wasn’t ready to share my husband with another woman. So I agreed to have FFM sex on condition that I’m the only one who my husband was going to fuck. The other woman was allowed to be watched but not touched.

We agreed but it didn’t go beyond words. I couldn’t bring myself to let another woman to our marital bed literally and figuratively. And as to my husband, well, I think he just didn’t want to push on me. Besides all these talks about having a threesome had a great positive impact on our sexual relationships. So, we just talked and forget about it for two years. Until once I decided to make something really special on a Valentine’s Day. So I took a deep breath and told my husband that I’m ready to make his desires become a reality.

But I still wasn’t fully committed to sharing him with another woman, so I suggested that we could invite an escort girl. It’s easier to know that it’s all about money for the girl. So we looked through the models on a few elite escort pages and picked the one we both liked. She was pretty cute and she didn’t mind FFM.

We invited her to a restaurant for a dinner to get to know each other and to see if we would like each other. She came in a black midi fitted turtleneck dress. It was damn sexy! Much sexier than my deep cleavage short dress, which I chose to wear that night. Her look was telling me that she was completely confident with herself and she didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I felt that I was getting overwhelmed with envy, jealousy and unsureness.

But she was a professional. Once she introduced herself with a brilliant smile she focused on me. She paid me compliments all evening long and I think she barely looked at my husband when he talked. With all her gestures, looks and words she was letting me know that she’s not an enemy and I can relax and receive some pleasure tonight. And that was exactly what I did.

My husband was so fond of our new friend, that I wasn’t sure he noticed that she didn’t pay any attention to him. And I didn’t mind his jaw dropping every time he looked at her.

The dinner was over and it was time to move forward. We booked a room in a hotel beforehand, since I didn’t want to have an escort girl in my bed. So as soon as the check was paid, we went to the hotel.

There we ordered champagne and talked a bit more. Neither me nor my husband could make ourselves to act. Fortunately, as I’ve already said, our Escort Girl was a professional. At some point she looked at us and said:

– We can talk all night long, but that’s not what you’re paying me for, is it?

And then she asked my husband:

– Do you mind if I kiss your wife?

– No, not at all, – he said stammering.

And she turned me to herself and kissed with an awesome long gentle kiss. Then she took my hand and brought me to the bed. She took off my dress, and started carressing me from behind. I looked at my husband. He sat back and watched us with a twinkle in his eyes. The Girl started kissing my neck while putting her hands in my panties and rubbing my clit. I can’t say that I was very excited but I definitely felt comfortable with her. Then she lay me down on the edge of the bed, took my panties off and spread my legs putting them on the bed too. My pussy was completely exposed and I actually felt myself a museum piece at some Sexual Art exhibition. That thought turned me on.

She spreaded my vaginal lips and appealed to my husband:

– Do you like it?

– I do

– Do you love your wife?

– I do.

It was such a pleasure to hear it at that moment.

– Do you want me to kiss your wife’s pussy?

– Yes, please.

And she got on her knees in front of my vagina and slowly passed her tongue over my pussy. It is an incredible feeling when other woman licks your pussy. Women know exactly what to do, there’s no need in guiding, you can just relax and have pleasure.

Then she stopped eating my pussy for a moment and turned to my husband:
– Would you like to join to a party?

He came closer and took off his pants. His penis was already hard as a stone. He bent over my face and touched my lips with his dick. I opened my mouth and licked it with my tongue going down to his balls. He stroke my hair while I was giving him a blowjob. The girl operated with her tongue on my clit and her finger in my vagina. She was doing incredible things. I felt the wave of pleasure lifting me to the sky. I pushed her face to my pussy and rubbed on it cumming with the best orgasm I’ve ever had.

– Yeah, baby, cum. Good girl. – My husband kept stroking my hair and the nipples on my tits.

I looked at him. He kept his word and until that moment he didn’t touch our Escort Girl. And he did everything for me to feel relaxed and confident. I realized how much I loved him. And I wanted to reward him, my beloved husband. I think that at that moment I felt a bit in love even with our Escort Girl. I felt that I’m not jealous and I just want to fullfill my husbans desires.

So I said to him:

– I want you to fuck her.

– Are you sure.

– I am. Take her.

He looked at the Girl to see if she didn’t mind. She got up, took her dress and lingery off and bent over me kissing my neck and my boobs. My husband came to her from behind, put on a condom and penetrated. I helped him having her buttocks spread apart. He fucked her, but he was looking at me all the time. I saw him admiring me. He cummed very fast.

After he finished he thanked The Girl and said that she could go. She got dressed, took her money, kissed us both and left. We stayed at the hotel though that night we didn’t manage to get asleep. We fucked another two or three times. Like a young just married couple. It was a fantastic night. The first of many others.

Check the gallery I chose for you. I recall that night when I watch it. In fact, Kelly and Ryan Madison inspire me and my husband to extend our sexual boundaries.

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