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This type of girls are amazing. They have shapely figure and enormous natural tits. Every time I see such girl there is only one qustion dancing in my head: how could this even be possible? How these tiny girls manage to handle with that monster udders? Unbelievable. I just can’t wrap my head around that.

How much do you think such boobs weigh? About 5 pounds? Just imagine walking around all day long with 5 pounds weight on your chest! I mean nature couldn’t do that to these slim petite girls for no reason. And the only reason I see here is that it’s all made for men’s pleasure. Yeah! That’s all made for us, guys! So, just stop what you’re doing now and watch this awesome big boobs video. Continue reading “Big boobs video for big boobs lovers”

How I became a cheating wife

Cheating wife gets screwed while washing the dishesTo that day I had been a good wife to my husband and never cheated on him. I despised every cheating wife and thought that I’d never become one of them. Everything changed, when Billy, my husband, asked his brother John, who was recently left by his girlfriend, for dinner.

I was washing dishes in the kitchen when John came in and said that Billy, his brother and my husband, got asleep on the couch.

– He must have drunk too much – he said smiling.
– Oh, no, not at all. He gets very tired at work. It is amazing that he managed not to fall asleep at the table. He has to work really hard after the staff reduction, so when he gets home he goes to sleep straight away.
– It’s not good for your sexual life. You must have missed feeling a man inside of you? Continue reading “How I became a cheating wife”