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Sexy pornstar Phyllisha Ann

Let’s congratulate awesome Phyllisha Anne on her 46th birthday!

Phyllisha Anne (also known as Bethany Alexander) was a strip dancer since age 19, but in 1997 debuted as a porn actress. She appeared approximately in 250 films during her first year as an adult actress. Now it is thought that she has played in about 850 films so far and she’s not going to Continue reading “Phyllisha Anne Blowjob”

Melissa D’s spicy tits

Melissa D’s spicy titsHot blonde shows her spicy tits

Meet young British model Melissa Debling, the sexiest blonde ever.  She had her birthday recently. On the 21st of February she turned 29.  We wish her all the best and we hope she’ll continue to please us all with her new pictures and videos.

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A tale of a thousand and one nights

Eastern beauty posingThe sultan came out of his bedroom frustrated.

– Take her away – he said to the guard on duty.

The guard went to the bedroom and dragged out naked young girl. That night she was executed. It’s been happening for months already. Every night sultan Schahriar took a new girl for his carnal interludes and every night he was dissatisfied with her and the girl was put to death.

People whispered among each other that soon there would be no girls left in the kingdom. But no one took any measure to preserve their daughters. Until beautiful Scheherazade, daughter of the grand vizier, expressed a wish to become a sultan’s new wife. Her father tried to talk her out of such a desperate act. But Scheherazade was firm in her intention.

When the sultan saw Scheherazade, he was struck by her beauty and sexiness. Though remembering his previous experience, he didn’t expect much from her. He examined her body and satisfied with what he saw sent her to get ready for the night. Continue reading “A tale of a thousand and one nights”

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Another British big breasted mature hottie. Her name is Carol Brown. This year she turns 51. This lady is a mix of longing and experience. She has huge swaying tits and a tasty butt in a tight-fitted black skirt.  She loves her huge breast and she loves to be fucked from behind, because that’s when you can see all beauty of her wobbling tits. Watch this amazing mature licking her tits and fingering her juicy pussy. Apparently it tastes really delicicous, since this lovely woman just can’t help licking her juices from her fingers. Take a full view of her fat cunt as she spreads her legs wide. She wears sexy black stockings, so the view is just perfect.

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What a lovely mature BBW! Her name is Samantha Sanders. She’s a well-known British pornographic actress. If you’re a fan of really huge tits, you almost certainly watched a lot of her videos. This year she turns 49. So, mature lovers, you also may find this big boobs video arousing.

Samantha prepared for this shooting. She wore  a new dress and a pink bra under it. And she took her favourite toy, a big black vibrator, with herself to the hotel room, to which you all are invited. Spend the next 3 minutes in that hotel room with Samantha, watching her boobs swaying like a delicious jelly dessert.  Share with her the pleasure of playing with her vibrator. Watch her legs spread wide and pussy exposed for you. Do you want to stick your lips to her sweet pink pussy and suck out all her juices? I bet you do. I bet you want to spread her lips and push your tongue to her warm, yummy glory hole. Want to squeeze her tits and tap her nipples? To dig your head between her boobs? To feel the touch of her tongue on your cock? I do want to do all of this. Watch this big boobs video and write me comments about what you want to do with her.

My husband humiliation

Husband humiliatiion by a wife fucked hard by three black studsLet me tell you a story of my husband humiliation.  You’ll love it.

I can’t stand my husband. This spinless piece of shit. I married him when I owed some big money to some bad people. He had money and I had to save my life. Though I’m not sure that I had saved it. It’s a hell living with this miserable and pale imitation of a man.

Last week I woke up and decided that I’d had enough. I watched some husband humiliation porn videos and realised that I needed to teach my husband a lesson. I called my friend Ted whom I occasionally fuck and asked him to came to my house. Then I called my husband at work and asked him to come back home. I told him it was an emergency. I knew that he wouldn’t ask any questions and would come back home at once. And so he did.

He came into our bedroom at the very same time as I lay down with my legs Continue reading “My husband humiliation”

Yummy MILF in her bedroom

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Sweet Mature babe Jolee shows her gorgeous ass in front of camera. She wants you to worship her ass. You can slowly pass your tongue along her ass folds right into her soft asshole. Do it tenderly. Though Jolee loves to insert really massive toys into her holes, like any other woman she likes doing it tenderly and carefully.

Jolee is in a playful mood, she flirts with us, playing with the lining of her panties. Play hide-and-seek with her anus and her juicy mature pussy.

Blowjob: a cure for a broken heart

Big boobed brunette gives blowjob at the beachBlowjob: a cure for a broken heart.

It was a warm, but windy autumn day on the beach. I went there to clear my mind after my girlfriend said that we needed to take a break and start seeing other people. It was completely her decision, I didn’t want it, but I accepted it. Though I wasn’t going to look for a new girlfriend, I was just going to wait for Her.

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Sexy mature lady poses in a white dress

Mature woman in a white dressMeet sexy mature lady Naughty Nicky, a gorgeous grannie with long blonde hair, delicious boobs and stiff nipples. Blonde mature woman shows her sexy legs

Though she’s in her mid 60s, her face still keeps marks of her extraordinary beauty.

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Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day

Married couple fucking with an escort girl Want to diversify your sexual relationships? Just invite an Escort Girl for a Valentaine’s Day!

We had been married for 10 years when we both started feeling like we need to shake up our sexual life. My husband was the one who initiated the conversation about inviting to our bed someone else. Since he was very jealous, the assumption that the third person could be a man, was out of the question. But I also wasn’t ready to share my husband with another woman. So I agreed to have FFM sex on condition that I’m the only one who my husband was going to fuck. The other woman was allowed to be watched but not touched. Continue reading “Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day”