A tale of a thousand and one nights

Eastern beauty posingThe sultan came out of his bedroom frustrated.

– Take her away – he said to the guard on duty.

The guard went to the bedroom and dragged out naked young girl. That night she was executed. It’s been happening for months already. Every night sultan Schahriar took a new girl for his carnal interludes and every night he was dissatisfied with her and the girl was put to death.

People whispered among each other that soon there would be no girls left in the kingdom. But no one took any measure to preserve their daughters. Until beautiful Scheherazade, daughter of the grand vizier, expressed a wish to become a sultan’s new wife. Her father tried to talk her out of such a desperate act. But Scheherazade was firm in her intention.

When the sultan saw Scheherazade, he was struck by her beauty and sexiness. Though remembering his previous experience, he didn’t expect much from her. He examined her body and satisfied with what he saw sent her to get ready for the night.

Scheherazade shows her huge breastWashed and scrubbed everywhere, Scheherazade stood at the window in her best night garment, made of the thinnest silk, and watched as the sun was going down. As soon as it’s last ray dissapeared beyond the horizon Scheherazade heard heavy steps approaching her door. The next moment sultan came into the room.

Sultan Schahriar was a tall handsome man in his 30s. He had dark curvy hair, dark eyes and an incredible smile. Well, Scheherazade, haven’t seen his smile, so she made that up. She believed that such handsome man definitely should have a gorgeous smile.

Scheherazade was so glad to see this hot stud in her bedroom, now saving the kingdom should be much easier. She noticed his beauty earlier in the morning, but now she could fully enjoy his appearance.

The sultan also stared at his new wife with pleasure. A petite young girl with firm body and very long hair, made his member hard at once.

Belly dancer Valory Irene– Lie down – he commanded her.

She didn’t move.

Oh, another shy and scared log – he thought disappointedly.

But the next moment some tricky twinkles sparkled in Scheherazade’s eyes, and she came to her sultan, took his hand and lead him to the pillows at the window.

– Now, you lie down, my sultan – said Scheherazade.

Schahriar was astonished. It was the first time the girl took the lead. He obeyed and sat on the pillows. He was anxious to find out what was going to be next.

Scheherazade untied the straps of her garment and tasty youg tits fell out to the sultan’s delight. She sat on him and her tits appeared right at his mouth.

– Kiss them, my sultan.

So, she wants to impress me by taking it to her mouth – thought the sultan, – let’s see what she’s capable of.

He grabbed his new little wife in a strong embarce and digged into her tits licking and sucking them. Perfectly shaped youg breast with stiff nipples always was his weakness. He bit her nipples carefully as she stroke his gorgeous hair. He was ready to throw her on the floor and penetrate her, but she pulled away.

She untied the straps on his pants, took them down and sat between his legs.

So, she wants to impress me by taking it to her mouth – thought the sultan, – let’s see what she’s capable of.

Scheherazade bent over his organ and poured some olive oil. She put her both hands on it and began to move them slowly. Her motions were very gentle and it felt good. The sultan lay back and closed his eyes.

Big boobed belly dancerScheherazade cotinued to rub his member with her tiny but skilled hands. It was so big and so hard, and the sultan was so handsome that soon she felt an overwhelming desire. She wanted to kiss this huge organ, to lick it with her agile tongue, she wanted it to penetrate her wet hole, but she had to pull herself together. If she wants to live, she shouldn’t demonstrate all her skills at once.

Continuing to rub sultan’s organ with one hand she started to stroke and squeeze his balls with another hand. Then she got down to his buttocks and massaged his anus. She dipped her finger in oil and very slowly and carefully penetrated his anus with her finger. The sultan moaned “Oh, Scheherazade!” and the expression of pleasure reflected on his face.

Scheherazade find a small nut-like bump inside and gently massaged it. The sultan moaned louder. Scheherazade didn’t want him to finish fast, so she expertly alternated pressure and speed of her movements to maintain her husband’s pleasure but not letting him finish.

Finally she pressed a little bit harder and moved a little bit faster, and a strong jet of his seed struck her breast. She liked feeling this warm liquid on her tits. And she liked to see her sultan delighted. When he opened his eyes, she kissed him and said:
– The sun rises. Next time I’ll show you what I can do with my mouth. If you let me, my sultan.

Sultan smiled with an incredible smile, just like she imagined.

The guard awoke as the door rattled. Sultan had never stayed with any girl for so long before. He came out of the room and tired walked along the corridor. Two guardians looked at each other. One of them asked:

– Should we put her to death?

– Don’t bother my wife, she’s tired and needs to have a good rest.

Scheherazade lay in a canopy bed. She was exhausted, but delighted. She saved her life and the kingdom and got a husband in one night. She smiled and fell asleep. She needed to have a good rest before the night.

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