My husband humiliation

Husband humiliatiion by a wife fucked hard by three black studsLet me tell you a story of my husband humiliation.  You’ll love it.

I can’t stand my husband. This spinless piece of shit. I married him when I owed some big money to some bad people. He had money and I had to save my life. Though I’m not sure that I had saved it. It’s a hell living with this miserable and pale imitation of a man.

Last week I woke up and decided that I’d had enough. I watched some husband humiliation porn videos and realised that I needed to teach my husband a lesson. I called my friend Ted whom I occasionally fuck and asked him to came to my house. Then I called my husband at work and asked him to come back home. I told him it was an emergency. I knew that he wouldn’t ask any questions and would come back home at once. And so he did.

He came into our bedroom at the very same time as I lay down with my legs spread wide and my friend Ted penetrated me with his huge hard cock.

Cuckold licking cum of two blackstuds from his wife's boobs– W-w-w-what’s going on here?

Really? Your adorable wife has just got stuffed with the biggest dick you’ve ever seen right on your bed in you fucking bedroom at the house, you’ve paid for, and the only thing you are able for is to stutter “w-w-what is going on here?”. Well, honey, your wife is getting fucked here by a big black stud.

I turned my head to him:

– Sit and watch.

– B-b-b-but, h-h-h-honey…

– I said sit and watch! – I shouted at him

He sat in the chair holding his hand to his forehead and moaning. Then he hung his head and stared at the floor.

– Watch! Watch your wife having pleasure which you’re not able to give her.

Ted didn’t pay any attention to my husband and fucked me like a beast. Then he turned me around and put me in a doggystyle position facing my husband. He moaned louder, but he didn’t turn away, I saw him interested in everything Ted was doing to me.

Ted slapped my ass.  I cried:

– Yes, baby, do it again.

He slapped me harder. And then again. And again. I noticed some movement in my husband’s pants. His dick definitely got hard. So, that’s what you like, you like to watch a stud spanking your wife. Well, that’s a start.

I turned my head towards Ted:

– I want you in my ass.

Ted grabbed a bottle of anal lube from a nightstand and squeezed it both on my anus and his cock. I looked at my husband:

My husband tried to reach me with his hand. But Ted shouted at him

– Come closer. I want you to have a full view of my ass.

He didn’t say anything, he completely obeyed me.

As he came and sat on the edge of the bed, Ted drove his cock into my ass and started banging me like a whore. Just the way I like it. My husband tried to reach me with his hand. But Ted shouted at him:

– Take off your hands.

Obviously Ted also ejoyed all this husband humiliation situation. He started moving faster and whispered in my ear:

– I want to cum in your mouth.

– No, not mine, his. – And I pointed on my husband.

– Come here, honey, you can lie down with me.

Ted put out his cock from my ass, I sat on a bad and laid my husband with his head on my knees. I was very gentle with him at that moment. I stroke his head.

– Yes, honey, open your mouth, do it for me.

– No, darling, don’t make me do that.

– But, don’t you love me? Didn’t you like all this? I made it for us, I played my part, now it’s your turn. Open it.

He actually sucked the cock, which few moments earlier was in my ass

And he opened his mouth. Ted forced his dick into it, but he choked.

– It’s ok, try again.

I took Ted’s cock and held it right up to my husband’s mouth again.

– Take it.

And he began to suck it. He actually sucked the cock, which few moments earlier was in my ass. I helped him masturbating it and rubing Ted’s balls. In a few minutes Ted cummed. My husband looked at me like a scared little girl.

– Swallow it. Do it now.

I slapped his cheeks. And he swallowed it.

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