My first time lesbian experience

First time lesbian experienceHi! My name is Mary, I’m 17. I live in a small town and go to the local school. I want to tell you about my first time lesbian sex. A few weeks ago a family of four moved in a house next to ours. Mr. and Mrs. Hill, they have a 15-year-old son Danny and a daughter of my age Jaymee. She’s cute and funny, so we became friends very fast, we hung out every day after school and talked on the phone all the time. But last tuesday happened something that may ruin our friendship and I don’t know what to do.

On that day we went for shopping. I bought a new sundress, and I needed an appropriate lingerie. So I took a few pieces and went to the changing booth. As I tried the first set I drew the curtain and asked for Jaymee’s opinion. She said that I’d better try something else. So I drew the curtain again and started changing, when Jaymee suddenly came into the booth.

She was smiling. She looked at me and then she asked: Wanna have fun? And then she started kissing me. And she was fingering my pussy. I didn’t know how to react at first, but it was so pleasant at that moment…so I started responding to her kisses. And then she got on her knees and started kissing me there, she tried to put her finger inside of me, but it hurt, so I screamed quietly. Jaymee said: oh, you’re a virgin, that’s ok. She licked her finger and slid it in my other hole. Not far, I think, but I felt it inside and it was so great. Soon I felt like there was an explosion inside of me, and some pleasant warmth poured over my body. Jaymee got up from her knees, looked at me and said: now it’s my turn. But I was so embarassed that I pushed her away, put on my dress and rushed out of the booth. I didn’t even put my panties on.

In the evening, when my parents got home, I told them that I had got a headache and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Later my mom said that Jaymee had called a few times and she brought my purse, which I left in the booth. I haven’t spoke to her since that day, I don’t know what to do. But I miss her, and I keep thinking and recalling that…incident all the time. It is very exciting. I masturbate every day, even few times a day. Does this mean that I’m a lesbian? I feel so confused,  it was my first time lesbian experience.

I’d love to hear some advices. And maybe you could write me about your first time lesbian sex, I’d really like to know more on the topic.

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