Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

Group sex erotic storyErotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

He came to me very slowly. In his eyes I saw something new, something I’ve never seen before. Desire so strong, that you can’t resist it. He didn’t pet me, didn’t say anything, he just grabbed my legs and spread them apart, and then penetrated me with his erected cock. Jessica sat beside me, petting my tits under my dress and smiling. My nipples were stiff and hard. They stuck through my dress. All this wasn’t in our plan, but I didn’t care anymore. I wouldn’t care if everyone in the room fucked me in turn. It was so exciting, everything seemed unreal to me. Like all this wasn’t happening to me, like I actually was a 13-year old girl reading a book in my parents’ bedroom.

John grabbed me hard and held me till everything was over. John carefully took out his cock from my vagina and I fell on the bed happy with the fact that finally my erotic story ‘s fantasy come true. (c) Part 1

My husband fucked me monotonous, like a machine. I actually felt myself a doll. But this thought didn’t make me anger, in fact it turned me on even more. Jessica got up and I saw her taking off her panties. Then she pulled up her skirt and sat above me with both her feet on either side of my head. I saw her dark red vagina approaching my face. My tongue began to live it’s own life. It got out of my mouth and headed towards my friend’s pussy. I saw that wet cunt and I felt pleased, like it was me, who made Jessica wet. I didn’t think that it could be John or my husband, or all this situation in general.

Finally I felt her taste. It was so unusual and unreal. At first I acted diffidently. But soon my movements became more confident and every time my tongue reached the chasm between Jessica’s pussy lips, it got deeper and deeper inside. Then it made all the way to her ass and stayed there for a while trying to sneak into that tight hole.

I was so close to cum when my husband suddenly took his cock out of me, came close to my face and put it to Jessica’s hole. Jessica arched her back and moved back putting herself on my husband’s cock. I felt myself abandoned and surprisingly jealous. Though the next moment someone put his hands on my pussy. It was man’s hands. I wasn’t sure who it was, all this wasn’t part of the plan.

I knew that though my husband looked calm and cool all the time John fucked me, in fact he was jealous and there was a storm inside of him, but he managed to control himself. But now he was going to let me know what he felt. His balls fell on my forehead and rolled down my face while he was banging Jessica right above it.

The next moment he took off his cock from Jessica’s pussy and stuck it right into my mouth. It was all covered with her juices tasting salt and sour. I felt sick and tried to turn away. But my husband grabbed my head and held it hard while fucking my mouth. Then he switched to Jessica again. She moaned in pleasure trying to get his cock as deep as possible inside.

Astonished I noticed that someone was fucking me too, and obviously it had been lasting for a while, though I didn’t even feel when it began. I tried to look around to figure out who it might be. But all I could see was a penis of my beloved husband sliding in and out of my best friend’s pussy. My husband didn’t like me squirming and gagged me with his cock again. I chocked, but he didn’t care. Tears were streaming down my face, I was humiliated, but I couldn’t ask him to stop. It would be to embarassing to do that.

The unknown dick in ma vagina slammed me one last time and stopped.  ‘Well, at least this one is done’, I thought feeling the pulsation inside. But the moment it got out of me the other one got in. Really? How could they change so quickly? Is it even a man or a dildo? Maybe they found our toys in the drawer and decided to play? Will this ever end?

No, it was definitely a man. I felt his torso hitting me. But I still was unaware of who he was, just like the one before him. I remembered the day I told my husband about my sex fantasy for the first time. He said ‘Be careful with your dreams”. I should have listened to him. I should’ve noticed that he wasn’t fond of it like I was. But I was so excited that didn’t pay attention to his feelings. And now I’m lying down exhausted, humiliated and silently begging everyone to stop.

Finally my husband began to move faster, then took out his penis and came all over my face. His sperm was everywhere, in my mouth, in my eyes and even in my ears. He stood up, took napkins box and put it next to me. I wiped my face and looked around. John wasn’t in the room. I didn’t know when he had left. Mike, one of our friends was sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. He was petting his half naked wife and another woman, who’s husband was still fucking me. She looked at me and smiled. Her husband came few minutes later.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the party is over now. Thank you everyone for coming, we’ve had a great time’, my spouse finally decided that I’d had enough. I sighed with relief.

Everyone reluctantly got dressed and left. I just lay on the bed watching them. Jessica and Melinda, the woman whose husband fucked me few minutes ago, came to me and kissed me goodbye. My husband left the room to walk everyone to the door. I got up and devastated headed to the bathroom.

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