Erotic novel ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 1.

Woman watching couple having sexMy first erotic novel I read when I was thirteen. I found Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan in my parents’ bedroom. I read it from time to time, part by part. And every time my panties got wet. With that book I learned to masturbate. My first awkward attempts soon became more confident and eventually I examined my body so well that I could make myself cum in just few minutes. This skill was useful when I heard someone was coming.

Now I’m 28 and I happily married. I’ve read a lot of other erotic novel since I was 13. But Emmanuelly forever becomes my favourite one. I watched movie based on that erotic novel and I’ve read the book few more times. The images from the book are still in my head and still make me wet every time I think of them.

My first erotic novel I read when I was thirteen. I found Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan in my parents’ bedroom.

Especially the scene, when Emmanuelle was put on her knees and fucked in front of a crowd. I often dreamed about been fucked that way. Many times I told that to my husband. I should say that he’s quite open-minded and has democratic tastes. We’ve tried a lot in our sexual life, but always there were just two of us. And though we’ve been talking about taking part in swingers parties (we’ve had few among our friends), but that wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Once when we attended a corporative party, arranged by the company, which my husband works for, I’ve noticed that one of his collegues pays way too much attention to me. From that day a plan begin to form in my head. And in a few weeks I was ready to tell my husband about it. He listened to me very carefully and agreed to do what I asked. ‘If that’s what you want and you’re sure about that, I’ll do it for you’ he said. Yes, my husband is the best.

So, we made a party at our home. We invited some of our friends and some of my husband’s collegues. And there was that man, who was so obviously interested in me so much. John – was his name. He was 26, two years younger than me. Quite handsome, intelligent and quickly moving up the corporate ladder. My husband told me everything he knew about him.

I also talked to few our swinger friends and asked them to take part in this little play. In fact I spoke to everyone involved. The only person who was still unaware was John, my erotic novel ‘s hero.

To that day I got prepared like for my wedding. I was very excited and wanted everything to be perfect. So I shaved clean my pussy, applicated some body lotion, got my hair done and wore a beautiful midi deep cleavage dress. At about 6 p.m. guests began to come. John came only at 8 p.m. Apologised and said that he had had some work to do. I immidiately put all my attention to him. I needed him to relax and feel comfortable. Soon I’ve noticed he was flirting with me, so I made sure he got a flirtback from me. My husband gave us some space and entertained other guests.

At 11 p.m. when most of the guests left, others, who were invited to our private party went upstairs to our bedroom. I waited for my husband to get John upstairs too and followed them. When we came into our bedroom, there already were 5 people, two married couples and a young woman, my good friend Jessica.

“I wanted to discuss something with you, John”, started my husband. “I’ve noticed that you liked my wife. Do you like my wife?”

John looked a bit confused and I felt sorry for him for a moment. But as soon as I thought about the reward he’s about to get, I stopped pittying him.

“Mike, you must be misunderstood me. Your wife is a very beautiful woman. But I wasn’t ever thinking of something inappropriate”

“That’s good, John. That’s very good. But how about fucking my wife right here and right now. Would that be appropriate for you?”

“No, of course not! I didn’t mean anything like that!”

“Why not? She doesn’t mind. And guess what? I don’t mind either. Look at her, I bet her panties are all wet now. Are your, panties wet, my love?”

“I haven’t worn them, darling”

John looked amazed, he obviously had no idea what was going on there and didn’t know what to do and how to react. But besides confusion and to some extent embarassment his face expressed deep curiosity. My husband continued to play.

“Oh, you’re such a naughty girl. Bent over, so our guest could make sure you’re telling the truth.”

I bent over and put my arms on the bed. Mike pulled my dress up and revealed my naked ass and pussy. It felt fantastic, showing my pussy to a stranger in front of my husband and our friends. I was so excited that a tiny steam of my juice began to flow dowm my hip. I didn’t see John’s face and I wonder what he thought at that moment.

“Look, she’s ready. Just get your cock inside her wet vagina”

I looked at John in the mirror. He was speachless. He knew that there was nothing he could say, he either should act or leave, he hesitated. But his eyes were on my naked butt. He was so close to fuck me. When suddenly he looked up at our friends, who were still in the room watching us fascinatingly. It seemed that for a moment he forgot about them and now he remembered. My husband noticed it too.

“Don’t mind them. These are our friends, they’re here just to watch. My beloved wifey asked them to come, didn’t you darling?”

“I did” I was still standing on my forth with my ass naked waiting for John to act.

“More people more fun”

John thought a bit more and finally he slowly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and took his cock off. Everyone started whispering favorably. This gave him confidence and he stepped towards me. Now I could not only see his erected cock in the mirror, but also feel it on my pussy lips. It didn’t require any moisturizing since my juices flew like a river. I looked up at Jessica, she stood on the other side of the bed. She smiled and made a sip from her glass.

John pushed a bit and his penis slipped inside my vagina so easily, that it seemed it surprised everyone in the room. I don’t know how to describe that wonderful feeling of being loaded by a stranger (well, John wasn’t a stranger, but he also wasn’t my husband) in front of a crowd. It was like a fireworks going off in my head and in my full body. I felt tingling in my legs and arms.

John became more confident. He grabbed my ass and began to sway my butt from side to side, putting me on to the last inch of his cock. In the mirror I noticed John throwing a glance to my husband. My husband nodded cheeringly and then stared at me. Our eyes met and he looked interrogatively. I smiled letting him know that I’m fine and I’m in pleasure.

John grabbed me hard and held me till everything was over. John carefully took out his cock from my vagina and I fell on the bed happy with the fact that finally my erotic novel ‘s fantasy come true.

At that moment John pounded me so hard that I screamed. He started banging me like crazy. It was a bit painful, but I didn’t want him to stop. It was still way too exciting. Soon I felt weak and dizzy. Jessica took some wipes from the nightstand and sitting on the other side of the bed reached my face and wiped off drops of sweat from my forehead. Then she brought a glass with a sroke to my mouth and I made few sips of some cocktail.

This turned me on even more and I felt that the best orgasm in my entire life was coming. I think that Jessica’s action had the same effect on John, since right after it I felt his cock pulsating in my vagina. We cummed together. John grabbed me hard and held me till everything was over. John carefully took out his cock from my vagina and I fell on the bed happy with the fact that finally my erotic novel ‘s fantasy come true.

As I felt his semen flowing out of me I turned over and spread my legs. Jessica came to me again and wiped my pussy. I felt the new wave of excitement coming up.

‘Very good, John. Now have some drinks and take a rest’, said my husband approaching me and unzipping his pants…

Come back soon to read the part 2 of Erotic novel ‘s fantasy comes true.

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