How I became a cheating wife

Cheating wife gets screwed while washing the dishesTo that day I had been a good wife to my husband and never cheated on him. I despised every cheating wife and thought that I’d never become one of them. Everything changed, when Billy, my husband, asked his brother John, who was recently left by his girlfriend, for dinner.

I was washing dishes in the kitchen when John came in and said that Billy, his brother and my husband, got asleep on the couch.

– He must have drunk too much – he said smiling.
– Oh, no, not at all. He gets very tired at work. It is amazing that he managed not to fall asleep at the table. He has to work really hard after the staff reduction, so when he gets home he goes to sleep straight away.
– It’s not good for your sexual life. You must have missed feeling a man inside of you?

I looked at him amazed with his words. “How dare you?..”- sounded in my head. I was furious but could say nothing. John saw my confusion and said:

– Please, don’t be mad at me. It’s just…you’re so sexy, and I want you so much and for so long. I know you feel the same.

And he hugged me from behind. I shivered. Deep inside I knew he was right. But for so many years I denied it. I didn’t want to believe that I was in love with my husband’s brother. So many times I caught John staring at me, and then lying in a bed I dreamed about him for hours. But I thought that it meant nothing, it was just my fantasy.

– Come on, girl, I know you want this. Don’t resist.

His right hand was petting my belly, the other took the hair of my shoulder and then he started kissing my neck. I gave in and at the same moment I felt dizzy. My husband was sleeping on a couch the next room over while his brother was seducing me. I went weak at the knees but John held me with his strong hands.

– Shhh, it’s ok, – he said.

He took my arms, put them on a counter and whispered:

– Hold on.

I actually became a cheating wife.

Then he pulled my skirt up over my hips and pulled my pants on my knees. There was no foreplay, no gentle words and words of love. He just spread my ass cheeks apart and screwed his hard cock into my vagina. I was wet and that was kind of embarrassing.

He fucked me like a bitch. And at that moment I was a bitch, a dirty whore fucking with her husband’s brother right after a family dinner. I actually became a cheating wife. I remember I kept whispering these two words…cheating wife.

I felt mad. My knees buckled again, so John pushed me hard to the drawers and drove his dick so deep that I felt pain inside. I screamed. He put his hand over my mouth and continued to screw me again and again. Billy has never did that to me, he was always so gentle, that sometimes I got bored with all that romantic stuff. I think somewhere deeply inside I wanted Billy to awake at that moment and to watch me getting stuffed like a whore. I’d say: you see, now you see how you should screw your adorable wifey? But he didn’t wake up, even when Istarted grawling as my clit rubbed the counter. I was so close to cum when John grabbed my ass and put his thumb in my anus. I cummed at once.

John stopped, pressed his hand to my mouth harder and waited for me to stop convulsing. When my body calmed down, he gently got his thumb out of my ass, turned me around and pushed me on my knees.

– Suck it.

I slowly got his cock in my mouth. It was all covered with my vaginal discharge, a bit sour. I didn’t like it. John didn’t want to wait. He grabbed my head with both hands and pushed his cock deep into my throat, and continued just the way he was screwing me a few minutes earlier while inside my vagina. Luckily he cummed fast. There was so much sperm, I had to swallow most of it.

– Good girl – said John zipping his pants and tucking his shirt.

Then he washed his hands took two bottles of beer in the fridge and went to the living room. I heard as he was waking up my husband.

– C’mon, wake up, sleephead. Don’t let me stay with your wife alone. Who knows what may happen.

And he laughed. I heard my husband saying something I couldn’t make out.

I quickly stood up, put my panties on, washed my face and rinsed my mouth. I didn’t want to see either John or Billy at that moment. I just wanted to be alone. So I continued washing dishes. Just like that. Like nothing happend.

Though there was a storm inside of me. And the only words running in my head were: “You’re a cheating wife now”

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