Anal massage for back pain

Anal massage for a back acheHave you ever tried anal massage for back pain relief?

Last year I got backache and decided that I could’ve used some massage to feel better. I went to the masseuse therapist at my local gym. There were a man and a woman. I chose a man, since my back likes it hard and I wasn’t sure that woman could handle with it.

I have to say that Roy was a great specialist, I felt much better right after the first session, and decided to complete the full course of 10. But on my fourth session I noticed that each time I came the towel ended up lower and lower, exposing my ass more and more. On the fifth session Roy paid special attention to my buttocks saying that it’s very important for the back to have good buttocks.

I never said anything about being uncomfortable with a towel put so low that it barely covered my ass, so he must have understood it as a call to action.So the next time I came he just put a towel on my legs leaving my whole ass exposed.

Probably I should’ve said something, but I felt that while I’m silent it’s like nothing happened. Anyway at some point I felt Roy’s hands on my ass and it wasn’t a massage it was more like gentle stroking. I kept silence. He poured more oil on my buttocks, spreading them aside and letting the oil run accurately to my anus. I kept silence. He started massaging my ass. Every time his fingers appeared on my asshole he pushed a little until finally one of his fingers got inside my anus. I held my breath. He didn’t took out his finger. He just kept massaging me with other hand, whyle trying to push his finger even deeper. It was an amazing feeling, though I was afraid to move or in any other way give Roy to know that I was aware of what was going on.

Of course he knew that I was aware that he was giving me anal massage. But again, it was like if I’m silent it doesn’t count. And by the moment his finger was full lenght inside my asshole I was so excited that I wanted to know what was going next.

He took a roll pillow from the shelf and put it under my belly. The towel slipped off on the floor. Roy picked it up and covered my legs again.
He poured more oil and then I felt two fingers inside. One in my anus and the other one was in my pussy.

I think I moaned, but I don’t actually remember. From that moment everything was a big blur for me. I just remember that I felt so excited like I’d never felt before. Something was happening inside of me, but I couldn’t distinguish the motions anymore. It was like a volcano getting ready to errupt. Roy was a magician, his fingers were so expertly used to draw me to the end and make that volcano explode. When I finally cummed he just drew the towel on my ass, washed his hands and walked out of the room. I dressed and went home.

It was my first and the best anal massage ever. But a year has passed since and I still can’t bring myself to go for another session.

Check out the video below to visualize my experience.

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