Ewa Sonnet: These green eyes will take your breath away

So, guess who’s birthday we’re gonna celebrate today!

Ewa Sonnet wearing a shirt and a tie
Gorgeous green-eyed polish singer and adult model, the owner of an awesome all natural 30J breast Ewa Sonnet (Beata Kornelia Dąbrowska) turnes 33 today!

Big titted model Ewa Sonnet

On her special day we wish her good luck and inspiration for her work and to stay on top of her career every single year! Continue reading “Ewa Sonnet: These green eyes will take your breath away”

Melissa D’s spicy tits

Melissa D’s spicy titsHot blonde shows her spicy tits

Meet young British model Melissa Debling, the sexiest blonde ever.  She had her birthday recently. On the 21st of February she turned 29.  We wish her all the best and we hope she’ll continue to please us all with her new pictures and videos.

Sexy Melissa Debling posing in a blue body

This sweet curvy blonde in possession of perfectly shaped tits looks fantastic in her blue lace body. Continue reading “Melissa D’s spicy tits”

A tale of a thousand and one nights

Eastern beauty posingThe sultan came out of his bedroom frustrated.

– Take her away – he said to the guard on duty.

The guard went to the bedroom and dragged out naked young girl. That night she was executed. It’s been happening for months already. Every night sultan Schahriar took a new girl for his carnal interludes and every night he was dissatisfied with her and the girl was put to death.

People whispered among each other that soon there would be no girls left in the kingdom. But no one took any measure to preserve their daughters. Until beautiful Scheherazade, daughter of the grand vizier, expressed a wish to become a sultan’s new wife. Her father tried to talk her out of such a desperate act. But Scheherazade was firm in her intention.

When the sultan saw Scheherazade, he was struck by her beauty and sexiness. Though remembering his previous experience, he didn’t expect much from her. He examined her body and satisfied with what he saw sent her to get ready for the night. Continue reading “A tale of a thousand and one nights”

Blowjob: a cure for a broken heart

Big boobed brunette gives blowjob at the beachBlowjob: a cure for a broken heart.

It was a warm, but windy autumn day on the beach. I went there to clear my mind after my girlfriend said that we needed to take a break and start seeing other people. It was completely her decision, I didn’t want it, but I accepted it. Though I wasn’t going to look for a new girlfriend, I was just going to wait for Her.

So, as I said I went to the beach and just wandred there all day long. It was a secluded and quiet place, and I thought I was there all alone. Until I saw a girl, who was slowly walking towards me and throwing stones in the water. Continue reading “Blowjob: a cure for a broken heart”

Sexy mature lady poses in a white dress

Mature woman in a white dressMeet sexy mature lady Naughty Nicky, a gorgeous grannie with long blonde hair, delicious boobs and stiff nipples. Blonde mature woman shows her sexy legs

Though she’s in her mid 60s, her face still keeps marks of her extraordinary beauty.

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