Blowjob: a cure for a broken heart

Big boobed brunette gives blowjob at the beachBlowjob: a cure for a broken heart.

It was a warm, but windy autumn day on the beach. I went there to clear my mind after my girlfriend said that we needed to take a break and start seeing other people. It was completely her decision, I didn’t want it, but I accepted it. Though I wasn’t going to look for a new girlfriend, I was just going to wait for Her.

So, as I said I went to the beach and just wandred there all day long. It was a secluded and quiet place, and I thought I was there all alone. Until I saw a girl, who was slowly walking towards me and throwing stones in the water. Continue reading “Blowjob: a cure for a broken heart”

Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day

Married couple fucking with an escort girl Want to diversify your sexual relationships? Just invite an Escort Girl for a Valentaine’s Day!

We had been married for 10 years when we both started feeling like we need to shake up our sexual life. My husband was the one who initiated the conversation about inviting to our bed someone else. Since he was very jealous, the assumption that the third person could be a man, was out of the question. But I also wasn’t ready to share my husband with another woman. So I agreed to have FFM sex on condition that I’m the only one who my husband was going to fuck. The other woman was allowed to be watched but not touched. Continue reading “Escort girl for my husband on a Valentine’s Day”

One of my sex stories

New York's subway sex storiesSince it is a page for sharing short sex stories, I’m gonna tell you mine. Though there is not much sex in it, but it’s quite short:-)

This story happened to me last summer. I was going to work. I’m a waitress at a coffee house. The train was crowded as usually at a rush hour. It was a hot summer day. I wore a thin blue dress. I must say that I’m a quite pretty girl, and I try to keep fit. So, I often notice men checking me out, but that day it was different.

That day I felt someone’s hand on my ass. I didn’t understand at once that it was a hand. At first I just thought that it was a purse or a bag or any other inanimate object. But when it actually grabbed my butt, I squeled and turned my head towards the disturber. I don’t know whom I expected to see there, but the man I saw amazed me a lot. Continue reading “One of my sex stories”

My first time lesbian experience

First time lesbian experienceHi! My name is Mary, I’m 17. I live in a small town and go to the local school. I want to tell you about my first time lesbian sex. A few weeks ago a family of four moved in a house next to ours. Mr. and Mrs. Hill, they have a 15-year-old son Danny and a daughter of my age Jaymee. She’s cute and funny, so we became friends very fast, we hung out every day after school and talked on the phone all the time. But last tuesday happened something that may ruin our friendship and I don’t know what to do. Continue reading “My first time lesbian experience”

Anal massage for back pain

Anal massage for a back acheHave you ever tried anal massage for back pain relief?

Last year I got backache and decided that I could’ve used some massage to feel better. I went to the masseuse therapist at my local gym. There were a man and a woman. I chose a man, since my back likes it hard and I wasn’t sure that woman could handle with it.

I have to say that Roy was a great specialist, I felt much better right after the first session, and decided to complete the full course of 10. But on my fourth session I noticed that each time I came the towel ended up lower and lower, exposing my ass more and more. On the fifth session Roy paid special attention to my buttocks saying that it’s very important for the back to have good buttocks. Continue reading “Anal massage for back pain”

Story of a girl pissing on me right after we met

A girl pissing in the bushThis story happened to me in college. I never was keen on that girl pissing porn stuff, and I had never seen a girl pissing before. Until the day which I’m going to tell you about.

A friend of mine invited me to a party. But as soon as we got there he went upstairs with some girl I didn’t know and I’m not sure that he did. At about 2 or 3 am most of guests wandered off and some stayed for the night on couches. I was sitting at the table, at the other end of which was a sleeping girl. At some point she got awake and asked where was everyone. I told her that there were just us and introduced myself. She told me her name slurring her words. She was drunk. And there was something else. She was fidgeting in the chair and something obviously bothered her. I offered her some beer. She refused at first but then took a couple of sips. Then she started fidgeting even more actively. Continue reading “Story of a girl pissing on me right after we met”

How I became a cheating wife

Cheating wife gets screwed while washing the dishesTo that day I had been a good wife to my husband and never cheated on him. I despised every cheating wife and thought that I’d never become one of them. Everything changed, when Billy, my husband, asked his brother John, who was recently left by his girlfriend, for dinner.

I was washing dishes in the kitchen when John came in and said that Billy, his brother and my husband, got asleep on the couch.

– He must have drunk too much – he said smiling.
– Oh, no, not at all. He gets very tired at work. It is amazing that he managed not to fall asleep at the table. He has to work really hard after the staff reduction, so when he gets home he goes to sleep straight away.
– It’s not good for your sexual life. You must have missed feeling a man inside of you? Continue reading “How I became a cheating wife”