FFM Sex. True Friendship

Two girls and a man having FFM sexFFM Sex. True Friendship.

The cab stopped by a lovely brick house. Samantha paid the driver, got out of the car and walked along the paved path leading to the front porch. She got up the stairs and rang the bell. It was a gray rainy autumn day, so she shivered with cold while waiting the door to open. She was in a black tight fitting dress and a coat. High-heeled leather boots completed her appearance. Samantha was a lovely mature woman of 42. She had long dark curly hair, big brown eyes with small wrinkles under them, pretty plump lips and a gorgeous body. She was beautiful and she knew that. And so did everyone else.

‘Hi, Sam! Come in. The weather is awful today’

The door finally opened and a 40-something red-head woman stepped aside letting Sam in. It was her friend Jackie. They knew each other since they were 5. They were pretty much like sisters.

Sam came into the house and gave her friend the bottle of wine.

‘Here. I’ve been told that it’s a good one’ Continue reading “FFM Sex. True Friendship”

Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

Group sex erotic storyErotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.

He came to me very slowly. In his eyes I saw something new, something I’ve never seen before. Desire so strong, that you can’t resist it. He didn’t pet me, didn’t say anything, he just grabbed my legs and spread them apart, and then penetrated me with his erected cock. Jessica sat beside me, petting my tits under my dress and smiling. My nipples were stiff and hard. They stuck through my dress. All this wasn’t in our plan, but I didn’t care anymore. I wouldn’t care if everyone in the room fucked me in turn. It was so exciting, everything seemed unreal to me. Like all this wasn’t happening to me, like I actually was a 13-year old girl reading a book in my parents’ bedroom. Continue reading “Erotic story ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 2.”

Erotic novel ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 1.

Woman watching couple having sexMy first erotic novel I read when I was thirteen. I found Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan in my parents’ bedroom. I read it from time to time, part by part. And every time my panties got wet. With that book I learned to masturbate. My first awkward attempts soon became more confident and eventually I examined my body so well that I could make myself cum in just few minutes. This skill was useful when I heard someone was coming.

Now I’m 28 and I happily married. I’ve read a lot of other erotic novel since I was 13. But Emmanuelly forever becomes my favourite one. I watched movie based on that erotic novel and I’ve read the book few more times. The images from the book are still in my head and still make me wet every time I think of them. Continue reading “Erotic novel ‘s fantasy comes true. Part 1.”

Sex with a sleeping beauty

Young sexy girl sleeping on a couchIt was a warm city night. So, I went for a walk to clear my head after a fight with my fioncee. I turned the corner and I saw a group of women walking out of the bar. They were talking and laughing loudly, it was hard not to notice them. As I was approaching some of them said goodbye to their friend, caught a taxi and left. Their friend, a long-haired brunette, turned to me and I realised that it was Sara, the only woman I’ve ever loved. She dumped me eight years ago, but I never managed to completely forget her. Her face came up in my head from time to time and I was wondering where was she and what she was doing at the moment.

Meanwhile Sara headed in my direction. She was looking for something in her purse, so she didn’t notice me. I called her. She stumbled and I caught her.

“Billy! Hi! What a surprize!” she said smiling. Continue reading “Sex with a sleeping beauty”

The perfect first time of a young virgin

The perfect first time of a young virgin. Young virgin's panties

Jennifer lay on the lawn in a city park. The warm rays of the sun gently touched her soft skin. She lay on her belly carelessly waving her legs in the air and breathing freshly cut grass. It was a wonderful spring day. There were a lot of moms and nannies playing with children, dog-owners throwing sticks to their pets, a painter at the lake depicting on his canvas the beauty of the awakening nature, a group of young boys, whose laugh could be heard all over the park. And there was a man, a very handsome man, sitting on the bench few meters away from Jenny right in front of her eyes.

He was reading a newspaper with a very smart and serious look. He wore a perfectly pressed suit with a tie and a blinding white shirt and looked like a men’s magazine cover model. But his straight face belied his “real-lifeness”. He looked like a man in his early 30s, way too old for her. Though Jenny noticed him staring at her occasionaly from behind his newspaper. Continue reading “The perfect first time of a young virgin”

My step-mother and her big boobs

Polish model Vanessa reveals her big boobsMy dad got married for the second time, when I was 13. His new wife was ok, but she wasn’t and could never be my mother. The main reason for that were two heavy big boobs hanging down at her slim body. A 13-year-old boy just shouldn’t look at his mother the way I looked at these huge soft melons, which gripped my eyes like a spell every time I saw them. Now, from my experience, I can say that her bra size was something close to H, but at that time I just knew that they were huge and strongly attractive.

When they got married and my step “mom” moved into our house, my dad noticed that I began to spend more time in my room than ever before. Once I heard him talking to Claire, his new wife:

– Maybe, you two should spend some time together, so he could get used to you? I really want you to get along.

My dad couldn’t even imagine that the reason why I kept staying in my room all day long after the school were his wife’s Continue reading “My step-mother and her big boobs”

My new neighbor voyeur story

My new neighbor voyeur story: Girl shows her pussy to window voyeuristsAt the beginning I’d like to say that I’m not some kind of voyeur freak and this is the first voyeur story that ever happened to me.

I stood at the window trying to figure out what has changed. The view obviously looked different, but why? And then I saw her. Tender and graceful like a panther she slided around the room. That was it, that’s what has changed! Someone has moved to the apartment right across the street and the always dark window lighted up.

I couldn’t distinguish her face, but she looked young and was very energetic. Like a little bee she was flying around the room rearranging the furniture, moving boxes and cleaning up. I went to the kitchen, took a bottle of beer from the fridge, came back to the room and made myself comfortable in the chair at the window.

I’ve been watching her for a couple of hours when finally she fell on the bed exhausted. She just lay there and didn’t move. I thought she’d got asleep and I was going to get back to work when suddenly Continue reading “My new neighbor voyeur story”

Fucked by a goddess

Naked girl with her hands handcuffed behind her backShe holds my arms behind my back. I’m standing naked, face to the wall. My clothes are on the chair, accurately folded. She doesn’t like mess. Everything should be on place. My place now is next to a switchable glass partition wall with dozens of people behind it. They all do their routine work while I’m standing here naked. Face to the wall.

She’s a partner at a well-known law firm. She’s my boss. I’ve been working for her for three years. We’re at her office. She has a bad day, she argued with her partners in the morning. On her bad days she asks me to come in and switches the glass at her office. Then she asks me to take off my clothes and to stand face to the wall. She restrains my hands with plastic Continue reading “Fucked by a goddess”

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Ewa Sonnet: These green eyes will take your breath away

So, guess who’s birthday we’re gonna celebrate today!

Ewa Sonnet wearing a shirt and a tie
Gorgeous green-eyed polish singer and adult model, the owner of an awesome all natural 30J breast Ewa Sonnet (Beata Kornelia Dąbrowska) turnes 33 today!

Big titted model Ewa Sonnet

On her special day we wish her good luck and inspiration for her work and to stay on top of her career every single year! Continue reading “Ewa Sonnet: These green eyes will take your breath away”